Heart Bridge

There is a missing link between the Pulse Blockchain and other blockchains.Holders cannot trade or swap tokens across the ecosystems.Introducing Heart Bridge — the first and most robust cross-chain bridge to the Pulse Chain.We are the bridge to trade and swap tokens from other blockchain ecosystems to the Pulse Blockchain.

Why the Pulse Chain?

The Pulse Chain is one of the leading blockchains solving real-time problems. With the vibrant community and solid tech infrastructure, we couldn't pick a better chain to pitch our tent. In addition, the Pulse Chain is in its early days and the community lacks proper on-chain connection with other blockchains. We are here to serve the community and encourage cross-chain DeFi interaction.

Tight Security

DeFi is at a point where security is of utmost importance. We have set up robust technical security structures to avoid hacks and downtimes.

Blockchain Integrations

We are linking the Pulse Chain with other EVM-compatible chains. In the future, we plan to include other blockchains outside of the EVM.

Impressive Speed

Our bridge facilitates speedy and smooth transfer of assets from other chains to the Pulse Chain and vice versa. It all happens within a few seconds.

Low fees

We are holders ourselves and we know how high trading fees can be. This is why we ensured that our fees are as low as possible to encourage cross-chain trades

Join your fellow holders in representing $HEART

What chains does the Heart Bridge currently support?

We are currently supporting EVM-compatible chains including Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum and Polygon.

Token Distribution

1,000,000,000 $HEART

10% to $HEX stakers and solid holders of $HEART.

8% to $HEART staking pool

4% locked for 2 years for the $HEART team

Tax Breakdown

0% BUY | 0% SELL


Phase 1

- Pre-launch PR and campaigns- Token launch- Website launch- Beta release- Gathering and implementation of feedback- Launch Heart Bridge- Integration of Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Fantom- Post-launch marketing campaigns

Phase 2

- Pulse blockchain launch- Pulse release- dApp audit and penetration testing- Acquisition of more users- Marketing campaigns and recognitions- Integration of more EVM-compatible chains

Phase 3

- Global tour for awareness- B2B marketing efforts- Hiring into the team- Team expansion- Launch a mobile app- Acquisition of smaller relevant startups

Our Team

Dr. James Kim

Senior Blockchain Developer with a PhD in computer science and expertise in blockchain technology.

Jessica Lee

UI/UX Designer with experience in designing intuitive user interfaces for crypto products.

David Chen

Full Stack Developer with experience in developing and maintaining crypto trading platforms.

Mark Thompson

Blockchain Business Strategist with experience in developing business strategies for blockchain projects

The goal of this project is to create a bridge that connects all major blockchains, allowing for seamless transfer of assets across different networks. The focus is on bridging all other major blockchains to Pulsechain, which will provide a faster and more efficient network for users.

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